Angela Blumen
based in Copenhagen, DK
Photographer (b. 1990) and designer/AD based in Copenhagen. I also design, curate and self-publish the independent magazine Sucre Paper.
Besides, I also design the girls-only surf magazine, Sea Together.

Don't hesitate to say hello.

You can find me on Instagram and Tumblr
Print features
3 Petits Points (1st issue)
C-41 - 1st issue print
Plaza Kvinna - 02 2016 Sustainability
Denude Magazine #2

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- "Bliss", Exhibition at Detroit Stockholm, October, 2015.
- "Petty Thieves", Part of a collective exhibition, Washington, DC, USA, November, 2013
- "Colour Coast", Personal exhibition & shared space in Kulturhuset/Lava with Jonas David, Stockholm, Sweden, October, 2012
- Kulturhuset, part of exhibition "Analog Sommar", Summer 2012, Stockholm, Sweden
- Neutral Norway, October 2011, Wales, UK
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